At the Osteria del Galletto you can taste dozens of different dishes. Many belong to the Tuscan cuisine, many to the Mugello cuisine characterized by the influences of nearby Romagna. Others originate in other regions, but are now part of our tradition. You can taste them at the Osteria and leave comments, suggestions, variations or recipes for other dishes that you would like our chef to cook.


• Coccoli, raw ham and stracchino €9.50

• Coccoli, raw ham, stracchino and burratina €10.50

• Rooster chopping board cold cuts, pecorino cheese, croutons, honey, appetizers €13.50

• King Cockerel Recommended for 2 pers. – Cold cuts, pecorino cheese, honey, cuddles, croutons, appetizers €26.00

• Tuscan Panzanella €6.50

• Summer acqua cotta with pecorino cheese and green beans €8.00

• Mixed crostini €7.00

First dishes

Only fresh pasta made by hand every day

Ravioli with butter and sage €11.00

Mugello-style potato tortelli with meat sauce or porcini mushrooms €10.00

Mugello-style potato tortelli with wild boar bites €10.50

Tagliatelle with meat sauce or porcini or tomato sauce €9.00

Tagliatelle with boar bites €9.50

Tagliolini with artichokes, cherry tomatoes and bacon €12.00

Spoja lorda (stuffed with soft cheese and sausage) with warm cherry tomatoes and basil €11.00

Tagliolini flowers, courgettes and burrata cream €12.00

Spaghettini Rummo with clams, garlic and parsley €9.50

Second courses

  • Tin of chicken nuggets with seasonal vegetables €13.50
  • Burrata with grilled vegetables €11.50
  • Fried veal loin with cherry tomatoes €16.00
  • Stuffed rabbit in Romagna-style porchetta with baked vegetables €17.50
  • sliced ​​rocket and parmesan or with porcini mushrooms €21.00
  • Florentine steak Price per hectogram €5.50
  • Tagliata with Chianti €20.00
  • Stewed wild boar with toasted bread €17.50

Florentine and cut are served rare cooked in accordance with the Tuscan tradition We recommend trying them, or ask in advance for a different cooking

Side Dishes

  • Mixed salad €4.00
  • French fries €3.50
  • Roast potatoes €4.00
  • Spinach €4.00
  • Green beans €4.00
  • Baked mixed vegetables €6.00
  • Fried flowers and sage €6.00


Our pizzas cooked in a wood oven
(pizza only in the evening for dinner)


We only serve freshly made desserts. Ask the waiter what we have prepared for today

Sweets from the Mugello tradition 

• Cantucci and Vinsanto €4.50

• Peschine del Mugello with cream €4.50

• Zuccherini di Firenzuola with sweet Albana or vinsanto €4.50

• Ice creams 

• Sorbet €4.00

• Cream or chocolate ice cream €4.00

• Black or white truffle €4.50

• Chocolates DAI DAI €5.00

• Tile with pine nuts €4.50

• Fruit Pineapple €4.00

• Fresh fruit €4.00


• Penne with meat sauce or tomato sauce

• Fried chicken nuggets with chips

• The menu may vary according to the availability of fresh or seasonal products. We also do take-away and home deliveries

• Covered €2.00